Aiight, aiight. I gotcha. I can dig that.

*nods* It’s all good, Ratch. I ain’t mad about anythin’ like that. I feel just fine with how they be reactin’, and Sunshine’s reaction was expected from me, so it’s all good, ya’mean? *slides visor up and rubs his dark optics.* M’really tired, Ratch…I been so damn tired lately, I just recharge all the time. 

I didn’t think you would be. Another reason why I know it doesn’t matter. You’re tender sparked, tough when you need to be, but you care about everyboty. ;hums, glancing the other mech over; Your energy levels are depleting. If you’re sleeping too much, it could be that you’re lacking nourishment. I’ll give you a supply of extra energon cubes.

(Source: medicalsynergy)